What can I expect from my first session? 

The first session is very similar to meeting someone for the first time in your day-to-day life.

 I will probably have some questions for you so that I can get a good understanding of what is going on for you and how I might be able to help you.

It is good to answer me truthfully to have the best experience possible.

My hope is you find the environment provides a welcoming and calming invitation to support you with ease and comfort.

The main thing at your first session is that you begin to feel relaxed, reassured, and safe.

At the first session I hope to get a good understanding of who you are.  

I may ask you about your life, family, physical health and what you would like to achieve in therapy.

I will check in with you how you feel about the first meet with me and if you would like to proceed with sessions. 

Can I speak to someone first?

Yes, if you wish to discuss any concerns before proceeding with a specific service.

Please fill in contact form or message your query:

(+353) 87 4746911.

*For Children and Parent/Carer Support, you are advised to book a 15min consultation to discuss concerns prior to the sessions commencing. The cost of this 15min(approx.) consultation is €20. 

Do I need to pay for my sessions?

Yes, there is a charge of €60 for an individual one to one session. Creative Stars Therapy allocates several slots for affordable lower cost services, and a scale of rates based on employment with reduced rates available for those who are not in full-time employment. There is also an option of a discount rate for multiple sessions.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes. You can request an invoice and it will be organised.  

How many sessions do I need?

At the very beginning, it is recommended to book just one session for an initial consultation and assessment of needs. During your first session with a mental health professional, we can discuss support your goals for further appointments.  

What is the duration of each session?

Each standard session lasts for 50 minutes. For Children and Parent/Carer Support the duration of sessions are tailored to suit their needs and will be discussed during sessions.  

Where can I see a professional?

Creative Stars Therapy offers face to face sessions with a mental health professional. You can also have video sessions online.

Scheduling the appointment can be done through the booking form to make an appointment Face to Face or Online.  

How quickly can I see a professional?

Creative Stars Therapy will be in contact and organise to see you within days of making initial contact. Book your initial appointment.

Creative Stars Therapy’s goal is to make the support service accessible to all and have a minimum waiting list.

With the aim to intervene early in a client’s mental health journey before their situation becomes more advanced.  

What is Creative Stars Therapy working Hours?

Creative Stars Therapy is open 6 days a week:

·       Monday – from 9.00 to 17.00

·       Tuesday to Thursday - from 07:30 to 21:30

·       Friday – from 9.00 to 17.00

·       Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00

You can always contact through the contact form, and you will receive a prompt reply on the return of business hours.

Where is Creative Stars Therapy located?

Location: Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Remote: Online available Nationwide.  

Can I support Creative Stars Therapy?

Yes, you can support the service by donating second-hand toys.

As a busy service with many creative ways of working, a lot of resources are acquired and put to great use during sessions. The service is extremely grateful of any donations.

Please see list below of items which may be of use: 

Mini Figurines – Action heroes, Dolls, animals, etc

Small World - Houses, Castles, Ships, etc