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Creative Stars Therapy is  founded and managed by Elaine and offers a Support Service for Mental Health to Adults, Adolescents and Children.  Creative Stars Therapy offers a diverse range of ethical intervention supports which are evidence based and designed to meet  the needs of each individual seeking a service, underpinned by the Principals of Best Practices and Trauma Informed Support and Care.  A practical approach is used, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the  diverse supports while building on strong foundations and transferable skills. 

About Elaine Egan 
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Elaine is a qualified Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, based just outside Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Online and in-person is offered and Elaine brings a compassionate approach and a wealth of experience to the therapy sessions.  Please see more info about Elaine below, along with the listed areas of specialised training and interests, some of the reasons clients may seek support and most of the interventions, therapy approaches used during sessions @ Services  

Together, we can embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and self-acceptance leading you to self empowerment.  I look forward to holding a space and supporting you with your concerns.  

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Psychotherapy is often about healing wounds and resolving patterns from our past that maybe causing distress in the day-to-day living. During Counselling my hope for you is to find meaning in your life, realise your potential and take charge of your life, allowing you to reclaim joy, creativity and spontaneity.
If I am the therapist you choose, I look forward to supporting you.
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The Stars - Each Individual as an Unique Shinning Light.
The Mind, Heart & Hands/Spirt/Soul/Creative/Artist -  The Holistic Approach 

Accreditation Bodies & Licences

The International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA) is an international association that supports meditation teachers, mindfulness trainers and teachers, forest bathing and nature connection guides working in this industry. IMMA incorporates all aspects of mindfulness. 

Supporting Children with Bereavement and Parental Separation.

Licenced Facilitator

Attachment Play - Supporting Parents/Carers & Child 

Licenced Facilitator

Building Relationships - Supporting Parents/Carers to support their loved ones.

Licenced Facilitator

 The Mindful Heart Curriculum - Supporting Children in Schools

Licenced Facilitator

Creative Mindfulness Teacher  - Supporting Wellbeing

Licenced Facilitator

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trained

Children First Trained

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